Your Reiki day will be a very special, spiritual experience which you will remember forever. This can be further enhanced with some simple preparation. The preparation is an attempt to bring your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual elements into balance during the week before your attunement.

The current pace of life can make it difficult for us all to bring all these elements into harmony but the suggestions below will help to prepare you for your attunement.

Please note that the suggestions below just that, which mean they are therefore optional. We would never force any of our students to adhere to this preparation before a Reiki course and although we do consider it will help enhance your Reiki experience, we also believe that a Reiki attunement will still work without it.

We do consider that a gentle detox will help you to be more in tune with your body during the attunement process and it will also assist the clearing process afterwards. During and after the attunement the Reiki energy will start to clear your body of all toxins. Beginning to clear your body of many of these toxins before the course can help the 21 day clearing process that will follow your attunement.

Please note that as some of the suggestions involve changing your diet for a short time, if you have any health problems or dietary concerns, then please continue your diet as normal or seek medical advice from your doctor beforehand.

In order to prepare for your attunement we would suggest:-

  • A gentle detox for around 3 days before your attunement (longer if you wish), eating mostly raw vegetables, fruits and drinking plenty of water.
  • If this sounds too difficult then try a vegetarian diet, cutting out meat, poultry and fish for 3 days before your course. They all contain small quantities of drugs such as penicillin, female hormones and other toxins which can make your system sluggish and throw it out of balance. Again, if avoiding meat completely is too difficult then please just refrain from eating red meat as the body finds this most difficult to digest.
  • Try to drink plenty of water, around 3 ½ pints of fluid per day is the amount you need to operate efficiently. Your body will also extract fluids from food you consume.
  • Eliminate alcohol for at least 3 days before and if at all possible during your 21 day clearing process.
  • Avoid drinks with caffeine i.e. tea, coffee, energy drinks and also avoid fizzy drinks as they contain excessive amounts of sugar. Please also moderate your intake of sweets and chocolate if possible.
  • If you smoke, please cut down as much as you can 3 days before and during the course.
  • Avoid drugs other than prescription drugs. DO NOT cut out or reduce the dosage of any drugs or medicines prescribed by your doctor.
  • Try to avoid any situations or activities which carry negative energy, such as television, news, violent films, newspapers and being with people who have very negative views.
  • Finally, take some time out for yourself and relax as much as possible, getting out in the open and spend some time with nature will help. Try walking, some moderate exercise, meditation, listening to classical or new age music.

All of the above will contribute to a healthier lifestyle and you may find that following the your Reiki attunement you feel motivated to continue with some of these suggestions.