Course Overview

At Navitas Holistic Therapy & Reiki Centre we believe in treating people as a whole: mind, body and spirit.

We are passionate about empowering others to deal with their own health and wellbeing, teaching the practice of Reiki in an authentic, accessible way and supporting our growing community of practitioners.

We know that Reiki is a gift that should be shared. The transformation power of Reiki is not limited to others, but is intrinsic to the practice of Reiki – bringing enrichment to your own life as well. With daily practice our world begins to change. Our lives begin to flow and we are able to help others.

We are committed to sharing a knowing of what creates and maintains a successful holistic practice, including the right intent and energy required – right action, right mind. Our teachers and students support each other’s goals; we are here to help each other see the opportunities we share; to learn, to grow and to spread health and happiness with the gift of Reiki.

Undertaking Reiki Professional Practice training with Navitas will enable you to harness all the skills required to build and run a successful practice. Ensuring you have all the resources required not only to support others but to support yourself and your own personal Reiki practice.

We will teach everything you need to set up and maintain a successful Reiki practice. The course includes how Reiki is practiced and regulated, anatomy, common diseases, the interaction between Reiki, stress and the immune system, the science of Reiki – published studies, client communication, setting up client and financial record systems, understanding and adhering to legislation/ethics and marketing a business.

Our course is fully accredited by the UK Reiki Federation. Once completed, practitioners will meet the National Occupational Standards required for registration with Regulatory Bodies such as the CNHC – the Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council. It consists of 65 hours of face to face teaching and 175 hours of self study and it can be taken at your own pace, there is no time limit.

This course is ideal should you wish to practice Reiki professionally as an independent practitioner, particularly those who wish to practice in the NHS, the voluntary sector or any care giving environment. If you wish to work your way towards becoming a Reiki Teacher then this course is also perfect for you.

It is our aim within the Navitas Reiki Professional Practice program to awaken an inner confidence, which will make you an enthusiastic, highly motivated and focused practitioner.

This course is designed to empower you for success!

Aims of Course

The broad aims of the course are to:

• provide you with core knowledge, understanding and skills relevant to running your own successful professional Reiki practice

• produce skilled and motivated practitioners suitably prepared to run their own practice and undertake continued professional development

• promote a depth of Reiki knowledge and understanding

• cultivate an interest in the interaction between Reiki, stress management and the immune system

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