Shinpiden Reiki 3

Cost: £450.00

Shinpiden is Japanese word, translated to mean “mystery teachings”

Shinpiden is aimed at those who wish to delve deeper into the traditional spiritual teachings of the system of Reiki to deepen their own personal and spiritual development. This level is also for those wishing to go on to teaching others the Japanese System of Reiki, but teaching is not a requirement of this level and it can be simply be about furthering your own practise teaching those who they feel closest to, i.e. family & friends.

The learnings from Shinpiden continue long after the course, due to its very nature, and with any deep spiritual practice we continue to evolve and learn through the experiences of the practices themselves and not just by intellectual study.

The aim of the course is to continue to build on the solid foundations formed from the Shoden and Okuden practices. Giving a deeper sense of clarity and confidence as we delve into the interconnectedness of all 3 levels.

Shinpiden is open to anyone who has completed Shoden & Okuden with Simon Bailey or Frans Stiene, it also open to existing Reiki Teachers of Frans Stiene.

The Shinpiden course can be very intense and very often experienced differently by each individual student. Therefore anyone wishing to attend this course should already have a dedicated daily Reiki practice and should have also taken the learnings from Okuden and applied them to daily life.

During the course we will review the teachings from the Shoden and Okuden courses, not just the practices but also how the Shirushi (symbols) and Jumon (mantras) interconnect with each other leading to the 4th and final Shirushi and Jumon.

As with any of Simons courses, each Shinpiden course will be lead by the students themselves as to where they find themselves on their own individual paths. So students will be required to asses where they feel they are with their own Reiki practice and bring any questions they feel they would like further or deeper guidance on.

The course itself is over 4 days and will provide you with:-

  • Complete review of the tools and techniques from Shoden & Okduden
  • Delve deeper into the 4 shirushi and jumon, understanding how they interconnect with each other
  • Deeper tools and techniques to reveal your inner truth
  • Further energy meditations to delve deeper into the Reiki energy such as the Hara defining method
  • How to perform and practice both attunements and Reju
  • Individual guidance on your own personal development
  • How to run and teach your own Reiki courses
  • Detailed Shinpiden course manual
  • Access to our materials to use on your own Reiki course should you wish to use them i.e. Reiki Manuals.

Benefits to learning Shinpiden

  • Deepening knowledge of Reiki from a Japanese perspective
  • Deepening the understanding of earth, heavenly and heart Ki
  • Deeper awareness of what who you are and how you connect to the universe
  • Feeling of inner peace
  • Finding your true self and worthiness
  • Progressing along your spiritual path
  • Beginning to teach others professionally

Our Personal Aim

Our aim is to aid you in going deeper in the teachings of the system of Reiki and allow yourself to just be you. Living life with a deeper sense of purpose and wellbeing. It is also our aim for those who wish to go onto teach,  is to set a high standard in teachings, enabling you to teach from an experienced and intellectual perspective. Ensuring that you are able to truly hold the energetic space for your future students.

Reiki Style & Lineage

This 4 day course is based on the traditional Japanese form of Reiki and the teachings of Usui Reiki Ryoho.


Evidence of 10 attunements and 10 Reju’s. 500 word essay based around one of the Japanese practices. Evidence of ongoing practice with excerpts from your daily journal.

Ongoing Support & Advice

We are available for any questions or support face to face, by phone, via our student forum or if you would prefer by email.

We provide continued learning with Reiki shares and workshops. Simon is also available for one to one tuition, this can be a great way to spend an hour or more deepening your learning.