Charging for Reiki is an issue for many Reiki practitioners and Reiki teachers. Most are drawn to Reiki with an intense desire to help others and for many reasons other than monetary gain.

The difficulty for a lot of Reiki practitioners and teachers is that they see Reiki as a gift and themselves as merely a channel.  Therefore, they place too little emphasis on their own part in assisting another person to experience Reiki, or become attuned to Reiki.

Put simply, Reiki needs to be given a value. In our society this giving anything value is usually done by assigning it a monetary value. Giving Reiki a value means that the client, or student can respect Reiki and also show respect for themselves, because they are doing something positive towards improving their own health and wellbeing.

Not charging for Reiki can also put a client in a position of imbalance where they feel indebted to the Reiki practitioner. Charging a fee allows clients freedom to ask for Reiki whenever they want and it provides balance, as they are able to give something in exchange for receiving Reiki.

In practical terms, having a Reiki practice costs money.  Rent, heating, lighting, furniture, materials, ongoing training and insurance are all essential to helping others through using Reiki and that would be impossible for the majority of Reiki practitioners and teachers if they did not charge for their services. There is also the simple fact that Reiki practitioners need to live and look after their families just as everyone else, and in order to do so they must charge for their time.

There is a wide range in charges for Reiki treatments and Reiki training. Again, this is a difficult decision too. Charge too little for Reiki and people will undervalue your service. People often feel that they get what they pay for.  Therefore, they could believe that they would have a better experience paying more for Reiki elsewhere. However, if you charge too much you can leave people in need of Reiki unable to afford it. It is a tricky balance to achieve.

With all this in mind we have tried to set our fees for courses and therapies at a reasonable, affordable level bearing in mind that need to value Reiki, and maintain and provide our Centre in order to help those that are in need – whether that need be for rest and relaxation, improvement of health or spiritual growth.