Our Western Style Reiki courses are based on the teachings of Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki. These teachings were passed from Dr Hayashi (one of Mikao Usui’s students) to Mrs Takata. Mrs Takata then adapted the teachings to suit Western students.

Western Reiki courses focus on using Reiki as an external practice for healing yourself and others. By teaching you simple hand positions that can be used for balancing, healing and harmonising the mind, body and spirit. Many also find that the courses help with spiritual awareness and personal growth.

The overall aim of Western Reiki is to learn a simple but powerful holistic healing practice that allows you to use Reiki on yourself and others. Enabling you to live life in a more balanced and harmonious way.

We help you to achieve this by teaching you the following elements of Western Reiki.

1. Intention
2. Self healing
3. Healing of others
4. Distant Healing
5. Reiki symbols and mantras
6. Advanced Reiki techniques
7. Reiki attunements

There are three levels to Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki. However, we do separate level three into two parts, Reiki Master Practitioner and Reiki Master Teacher.

Reiki Level One

This is the starting point of your Reiki journey. This level helps you to reconnect with the unlimited source of Reiki. This will give you the ability to use Reiki on yourself, family members, friends, plants and animals. The course also teaches you about the Western energy system of chakras and about the human energy field.

Reiki Level 2

This level is for those who wish to deepen their knowledge of Reiki and also for anyone who wishes to become a Reiki Practitioner. This level focuses on working with Reiki more intuitively and enhancing understanding of the Reiki energy.

During this level you will learn three symbols and their mantras. You will learn how to use the symbols to enhance / strengthen your healing practice and also how to carry out effective distant Reiki treatments.

Reiki Master Practitioner

This is the path of a Reiki Master. It is for those who feel that Reiki is a vocation for them. It is lifetime commitment to Reiki and the principles. Reiki practitioners who become Reiki Masters often feel an intense calling to give and receive healing.

This level teaches the fourth symbol of Reiki and also advanced Reiki techniques. You will learn how to use the Usui Master symbol and how to feel the difference in the energy that comes with this symbol.

Reiki Master Teacher

This level enables you to learn how to teach Reiki and how to carry out the attunements. This carries a great responsibility of empowering others to self heal.

You will learn how to run a Reiki course and how to help people learn through experience as opposed to academic learning.

This course also teaches two ancient Tibetan symbols as part of the Usui / Tibetan Reiki, this allows you to choose which style of Reiki you wish to teach either Usui Shiki Ryoho or Usui Tibetan Reiki.

How long should I wait between levels?

There is a lot of conflicting information regarding Reiki training and this is because everyone is trained differently and in some cases people are attuned distantly and not given any actual training at all.

We have a very strong belief that Reiki and the Reiki journey should be truly respected. Life is so fast paced that we want to learn everything as quick as we can. Sometimes, we will choose, not necessarily the best way to do things but the most convenient, quickest and cheapest. However, by doing this we can miss so much in life.

We believe that you should always allow time between each Reiki level (usually around 3 months), this is simply for the following reasons:-

There are 4 levels to Reiki and each level requires an attunement. These attunements will change your vibration and energy. Generally your energy is spinning at 250cps but healers or and those who channel energy will rotate anywhere between 400 to 800 cps. Your physical body needs time to adapt to this change in energy, and to do this the body goes through a 21 day clearing process.

The 21 day clearing process works on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual self, clearing all the blockages from your life. Many people underestimate this process and it can be a very difficult time for some.

Reiki level one is the first time you will be attuned to Reiki. This will also enable you to channel the healing energy into yourself, friends and family.

Reiki level two allows you to become a practitioner and will enable you to charge for Reiki. It is important to us that our students fully understand the healing energy of Reiki. Every time you use Reiki you will experience something different.

Why should I wait?

By using Reiki for self healing, you learn by experiencing the energy and then when it is time to become a practitioner, you are ready to practise on others. Many professions such as Doctors and Solicitors, require students to complete hands on training programs before becoming fully qualified professionals. This is for no reason other than to learn by experience, and that is no different for Reiki. We can learn by reading as much as we want but the real learning comes when we start to channel and experience the healing energy of Reiki. For this reason we don’t believe it fair to put our students in a position that they are possibly not ready for.