As far as Reiki’s benefits are concerned, we are obliged to tell you that Reiki has no scientific basis. Research about Reiki and how it works is under way, but any claims of the effectiveness of Reiki have yet to be scientifically proven.

However, what we can tell you about, is our own experience of Reiki and also those of our clients and students, some of whom you will find on our testimonials page.

We have personally found Reiki to be extremely effective in many ways and we strongly believe in it. Reiki has helped us through some very difficult times, from suffering recurrent miscarriages, stressful phases at work and physical injuries and illnesses. Reiki has also been been a huge factor in our other experiences, including pregnancy, birth and parenting.

People often come to Reiki for relief with physical ailments, but their need for help goes much beyond that. We frequently find that they are also in need of emotional support, a space to grow spiritually and somewhere to feel at peace with themselves.

Throughout own our experiences we have have found many benefits in addition to those that we were told about in our early introductions to Reiki. It is the chance to become part of a community and make new friends. A chance to support, bond with and help those that we love, and a chance to satisfy that internal desire to help others.