Our aim as Reiki Teachers is to help people find their way along their own Reiki path. We believe that Reiki should be taught through experience and not just from reading a book.

We feel very privileged to have found Reiki. Privileged to be able to use Reiki energy to help ourselves and others and even more so, to enable our students to channel Reiki themselves.

Your Reiki Day

Some parts of learning Reiki are more like a ceremony than a course. There is much to learn on your Reiki day, but the attunements themselves are a very special and powerful experience. They can be intensely emotional and therefore the safe, secure and loving environment we provide is absolutely necessary. We’re also great believers that we learn through experience, so we’ll always ensure the right balance between theory and practical hands-on learning during the day.

On the day we will provide you with a full Reiki Manual that will cover everything taught on the day and much more.

How we teach

We practise and teach Reiki based upon the teachings we have received, our own experiences of Reiki and energy healing, and our continuous reading and research.

Our Reiki courses are purposely kept small because we believe that all our students deserve, and should have, individual attention. Therefore, we usually teach in groups of around 2-6. We have found that even students who were apprehensive about meeting new people and completing their first Reiki course as part of a group have been glad of that experience afterwards. It helps students to have others to share experiences, to allow for hands-on experience of Reiki and to provide feedback for each other. However, we will endeavour to meet the needs of any student and if necessary, we are willing to attune students to any level of Reiki on a one-to-one basis.

Reiki is a simple and effective technique, but being attuned to Reiki can be an extremely powerful and emotional experience. Students are often surprised by the effects of the attunements. This is another reason why we teach in small groups so that we can offer comfort and support in such situations.

Our personal commitment as Reiki Master Teachers

We consider long term support a very important part of teaching Reiki. We will have a lifelong relationship with our wonderful Reiki Masters and we expect to have a lifelong relationship with our own Reiki students.  How often that contact happens is not so significant, but more so that our students know that they can contact us at any time during, and after, their Reiki training and we will do our utmost to offer support and guidance to them throughout their entire Reiki journey.

We’re very much still experiencing our own Reiki journey and are constantly evolving, but we do believe we were drawn towards Reiki for good reasons. We believe that others who are drawn towards Reiki will be at a time and for reasons that are right for them, so if you feel a pull towards Reiki trust that pull and consider attending a Reiki course. Allowing Reiki to become part of your life is likely to be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made!

Reiki Course Testimonial
What an incredible experience! Whilst Reiki will always be different for each individual I believe it is one of the most incredible feelings you can experience.

In short, a feeling of love, peace, wellbeing and joy.  Yes, there can be sadness and a massive release of built up and repressed emotions during your first few sessions, but the long term benefits far outweigh this and if you can persevere, I highly recommend it.  

Like many “therapies” it is very important to find a Reiki Master / Healer you feel MOST comfortable with. TRUST is essential.

I had previously received several healing sessions from Simon, all of which had been very positive yet highly emotional, and decided to take the next step and go on the Level 1 course to attune myself to Reiki to enable myself to practice at home with the goal of improving my energy and possibly relieving myself of some of the pains I suffer daily.

The course was run very professionally, with understanding of my needs (I am disabled) and we were not overloaded with information we did not need.  All the information was available to us in a very well presented bound document that we took home. 

Leigh James