There are many different versions of the Reiki principles, but they all carry the same meaning. The principles are essentially about living in the now, we should not worry about what happened yesterday as it is in the past, it is ok to learn from yesterday by reviewing what happened, but do not worry about it.

The same goes for tomorrow it has not happened yet so why worry about it, everything we do today influences tomorrow so concentrate on today and tomorrow will look after itself. This can be easier said than done when we have something important like an interview, but with anything like this, we always know deep down that worrying about will not help.

Just for today do not anger

This is asking that day by day you try not to get angry, irritated or annoyed by anyone or anything. It means finding other ways of dealing with your problems. Anger often arises when we feel out of control, when we want to control something and cannot. Anger destroys relationships, but more often than not destroys the person who is angry. Anger can act as a pointer to what thoughts and feelings you need to heal. Give yourself Reiki as soon as you notice the anger starting.

Just for today do not worry

Worry blocks ideas, solutions and also abundance. When you let go of worry the energy of the universe is able to flow into your life and activities easily. Worry causes lack of abundance, indecision and anxiety. Trying to stop worrying is easier said than done. Try placing your hands on yourself and asking Reiki to take care of what is worrying you. Whenever the problem returns say to yourself “Reiki is taking care of this” and know that Reiki is dealing with the issue.

Honour your parents, teachers and elders

They are here to help and guide us, to show us love and shelter us from many of life’s problems as we are growing up. This principle is also about forgiveness and about rising up to your higher self, so that you can forgive and bless those who have hurt, angered, obstructed and criticised you. These people can be the hardest people in our lives to forgive. They deserve honour because they have only our best interests at heart.

Earn your living honestly

This is about being honest with yourself. If you want to be happy, are you doing something about it or are you just sitting about wallowing in negativity? This principle will help you find what you really want to do with your life and help you put your dreams into action. It is also about doing the best you can in the situation that you are presently in, regardless of whether it is what you really want to do or not. Whatever work you are doing, try to make sure you are doing the best you can every day, it will make your work much more satisfying.

Show gratitude to all living things

This is about saying thank you to other people and other living beings as well as yourself. Do you appreciate yourself? When you have done something well do you accept the praise others give you, or do you find fault with what you have done? Do you make excuses when someone gives you a compliment? Do you say thank you for your opportunities and good fortune? Do you praise and thank others?