Testimonial for Reiki course via Navitas Centre. S, Bailey

What an incredible experience! Whilst Reiki will always be different for each individual I believe it is one of the most incredible feelings you can experience.

In short, a feeling of love, peace, well being and joy.  Yes, there can be sadness and a massive release of built up and repressed emotions during your first few sessions, but the long term benefits far out way this and if you can persevere on I highly recommend it.  

Like many “therapies” it is very important to find a Reiki Master / Healer you feel MOST comfortable with. TRUST is essential.

I had previously received several healing sessions from Simon, all of which had been very positive yet highly emotional, and decided to take the next step and go on the level I course to attune myself to Reiki to enable myself to practice at home with the goal of improving my energy and possibly relieving myself of some of the pains I suffer daily.

The course was run very professionally, with understanding of my needs (I am disabled) and we were not overloaded with information we did not need.  All the information was available to us in a very well presented bound document that we took home. 

Leigh James

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