Crystal Healing

Crystal healing works with your inner self and helps bring your mind, body and spirit into balance.

Crystal healing has been used for thousands of years and was once viewed as very special. Historically, many powerful people would receive crystal healing because the crystals used were very sacred and expensive and only people in high places could afford them.

Over time the skill of crystal healing has faded away, the world has moved on and medicine has developed. However, today people are realising that stress is a major factor or cause in most illnesses and are keen to explore avenues other than traditional medicine.

Although the number of crystal healers has started to increase slowly it is still largely unknown and some people are unsure and sceptical about its validity.

Crystals are in many surprising things around us today, ranging from computers, watches, televisions and the jewellery we wear each day. The reason for this is that the energies crystals produce can be harnessed to make things work.

It is believed that crystals work with electromagnetic energies. They are said to absorb, focus and transmit energies as they have laid in the earth’s magnetic fields for up to millions of years. Much of their work is achieved by working with our auras during the crystal healing process. The aura that surrounds the human body is a field of electromagnetic energy which reflects our emotional and physical wellbeing. Energy centres, or chakras, are believed to be areas of the aura where energies are exchanged. By working with crystals within the aura we are able to influence and rebalance the aura and bring positivity and wellbeing to mind, body and spirit.

Crystal healing can never cure any illness or disease but it can help and assist in the natural healing process. Crystal healing is to be used complementary to any medical treatment and should never be used as a substitute. If you are using crystal healing you should still continue to take any medicine prescribed by your doctor and if you are concerned about any aspect of your health then you should consult your doctor or another qualified health practitioner.

Crystal healing can be performed in many different ways. It can be as simple as keeping a crystal of what is needed to help you with your problem on your person or you can have an actual treatment with a professional crystal healer who will place crystals on and around you.

If you do choose to do some crystal healing then you should ensure that your crystals are cleansed and kept safe, where they cannot pick up negative energy. You should also remember that you will need to program your crystals so that they are attuned to you and your energy level for when you are healing with them.

We would recommend that before undertaking crystal healing you should read further on the subject and perhaps undertake a course of study. If you want to perform crystal healing on other people, you should be properly qualified and insured to carry out crystal healing therapy.

Some Crystal Healing Examples

12 crystals commonly used in crystal healing are:

Crystal Chakra Properties
Bloodstone Higher Earth Cleansing & Stabilising
Smoky Quartz Earth Grounding & Protecting
Red Jasper Base Energising
Orange Carnelian Sacral Creating
Yellow Jasper Solar Plexus Nurturing
Green Adventurine Heart Healing Emotional Distress
Rose Quartz Higher Heart Unconditional Love
Blue Lace Agate Throat Opening Communication
Sodalite Third Eye Attuning
Amethyst Crown Opening the Psychic
Clear Quartz Higher Crown 1 Opening Spiritual
Labradorite Higher Crown 2 Reaching Enlightenment

The 5 Master Healing Crystals are said to be:

1. Bloodstone (Body)
2. Clear Quartz (Mind)
3. Rose Quartz (Emotions)
4. Labradorite (Spirit)
5. Smoky Quartz (Environment)

When you working with crystals on chakras you should only place them on the chakra for a maximum of 20 minutes.

Below are some examples of different crystal healing positions you can practise on yourself.

NB. Before undertaking any crystal healing ensure that you have somewhere comfortable to lie down, where you will not be disturbed. It is also important to make sure that you are in a relaxed state. Then you can follow the steps below:

Full Self Chakra Cleanse and Recharging

1. Place the Smoky Quartz crystal between your feet on the earth chakra.
2. Place the Red Jasper crystal on your base chakra.
3. Place the Orange Carnelian crystal on your sacral chakra.
4. Place the Yellow Jasper crystal on your solar plexus chakra.
5. Place the Green Aventurine crystal on your Heart charka
6. Place the Blue Lace Agate crystal on your throat chakra
7. Place the Sodalite crystal on your brown chakra
8. Place the Amethyst crystal on your crown chakra.

As you place the crystal on each chakra imagine each crystal emits a lovely white light and energy that will blend with the chakra.

Once you have placed the crystals on your chakras start to become aware that the chakra is being cleansed and vibrating.

While you are lying down take long, deep breaths and hold your breath for at least 5 seconds before exhaling. Feel calmness sweeping over your body and your chakras becoming rebalanced and re-energising.

When you feel ready then you can start to remove the crystals from from your crown chakra one by one until you reach the earth chakra. When you get to the last crystal you should visualise the Smoky Quartz releasing vines that stretch down and tie into mother earth. This will help ground you after you finish your treatment. You should also drink plenty of water after carrying out any crystal healing.

Please ensure that you cleanse your crystals after using them.

This crystal healing technique should take approximately 20 minutes.

See here for our chakra healing sets.

Non – Specific Healing Layout.

This is done in the style of 5 point star, this layout helps grounding and brings the mind, body and spirit into balance.

1. Clear Quartz is placed above the head (which helps restore the body energies)
2. Smoky Quartz to the top of the right foot
3. Orange Carnelian above the left palm
4. Yellow Jasper above the right palm
5. Labradorite above the left foot
6. Bloodstone under the right collar bone
7. Blue Lace Agate under the left collar bone
8. Red Jasper between your legs.

Further reading

Crystal healing is a fascinating and intriguing complementary therapy, which can subtly help the mind, body and spirit to find balance and help with the natural healing process.

A good starting point for further exploring Crystal Healing is the ‘Crystal Healing Book’ by Judy Hall which can be purchased from this site.

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